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Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Cream Review

This Bath and Body Works Ultra Shea Body Cream comes with Japanese cherry blossom, Asian pear and Mimosa petals. It provides 24 hours of moisture. Infused with rich, moisturizing shea butter. Enriched with aloe butter and cocoa butter that is great for healing dry skin and helps exfoliate dead skin.

front packaging

back packaging

This Japanese Cherry Blossom Shea Body Cream’s packaging comes in a very eye catching red tube. The moment you open the tube, it gives you a subtle and very pleasant smell. It’s consistency is very thick and creamy white in appearance. It can be easily absorbed by your skin and it dries quickly.

It does not only moisturize my skin but it also nourishes and improves my skin complexion. The scent last for many hours, but you need to reapply if you want to. No doubt, I completely love this body cream.


  1. It works best for dey skin
  2. It’s hrydrating and moisturizing
  3. Very pleasant smell and the scent’s long lasting


  1. A bit pricey
  2. It doesn’t provide up to 24 hours of moisture, as it claimed

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