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Miniso Cleansing Wipes Review

Product Features: 

1. Deeply cleansing to remove makeup.

2. Portable, Mild, Simple and Convenient 


Non-woven cleansing cloth, Water, AEO-9, Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Propylparaben, Ammonium glycyrrhizate, Methyl Parahydroxybenzoate
Volume: 120 sheets

How to use: 

Take out the makeup wipes and fold into a proper size. Reversely fold the size that used. Generally use 1-2 pieces to remove the makeup

Skin Type: Normal and Combination


The first time I saw this makeup wipes, I fall in love with packaging, very cute and as the same time so convenient to use. Yes no air bubbles inside because it’s sealed with detachable plastic container. You don’t need to worry because it won’t eventually dry up. These wipes are made of non woven cloth that helps exfoliate with removing the makeup. It has a pleasing smell, but the lingering scent of alcohol is present. 

Whenever I use these wipes to remove my make up and mascara, it perfect removes all the traces of my makeup. I don’t need to scrub hard onto my face. I love that it’s oil free and doesn’t irritates my eyes. One wipes is enough to remove all my makeup. It leaves my skin hydrated, clean and smooth. 

Overall, I really love using these wipes. Perfect for all skin types, the plastic container is refillable, travel and budget friendly. However, it does contain parabens but I’m willing to overlook these cons.

Have you tried using these makeup wipes? Share your thoughts about it.

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